Good Looks Sell

Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, it’s important to take a close look at it from the viewpoint of a prospective buyer. Objectively evaluating each area and then making your home “show ready” can have a major pay-off in terms of the offers it will attract and how soon those offers come in.

The Big Picture

There are several key steps to making your home seem larger, more appealing and, therefore, more valuable.
• Keep it uncluttered: It will be neater, look larger and convey a spacious feeling.
• Keep it clean: This creates the impression that your home has been well cared for.
• New paint gives rooms a Fresh look.
• Keep it repaired: Fix it before buyers inquire about it. The need for repairs can make or break
  a sale.
• Keep it neutral: Get rid of distracting colors and personal accessories. Neutral colors and
  simple decor help buyers visualize their own belongings in a room.
• Keep it dynamic: Make your home memorable! From fresh flowers to the scent of baked
  cookies, your house should be inviting.
• Keep it light and bright: Open curtains and drapes to let the sunshine in. Always turn on the
  lights so your rooms come to life.
• Showtime! Make a final check of every room, put away any toys, clothing, food or other


•  Trim, weed and tidy up lawn and garden.
•  Clean up pet areas; resod or seed.
•  Repair screens, windows and doors.
•  Add fresh bark under shrubs.
•  Add potted or hanging flowers to deck or porch.

In The Kitchen

•  Clear away extra small appliances.
•  Remove stains and items from sink.
•  Straighten memo areas and remove papers.
•  Clean and deodorize vent or exhaust hood.

In The Bathroom

•  Clean counters of extra toiletries. Store them out of sight.
•  Remove stains and mold from sink, tub or shower.
•  Patch, caulk and grout as needed.
•  Put out attractive “for-show-only” towels.

In The Living and Family Rooms

•  Rearrange furniture for a more spacious feel. Remove any extra pieces and store.
•  Spot clean carpets or rugs.
•  Have neutral paint or wallpaper.
•  Accent with fresh flowers.
•  Open the shades and drapes to let in light.

In The Bedroom

•  Straighten up closets. Box and store clothing, shoes, etc., as necessary.
•  Arrange toys to look appealing.
•  Add curtains or valances to rooms without them.
•  Thoroughly clean and deodorize areas where pets sleep or spend time.
•  Straighten laundry area.
•  Sweep floors; clean up grease spots.
•  Get rid of any items you won’t be taking with you.

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